Project Description

Franchise of three mini -hotels

General information

Upforsale is a franchise with an operating network of three mini-hotels and a dark kitchen for catering.

Hotels and businesses are located at leased premises, so capitalization is solely due to movable property and repairs, well-established business processes, book-keeping accounts, trained employees and net income.

Total number of rooms – 57.

Staff: 46 employees for three hotels (operating managers, maids, administrators, doormen, cooks, waiters, craftsmen)

Financial results:

Average number of rooms used per year – 96%

Average monthly revenue from hotels – about 21 million UAH.

The average monthly turnover of catering / conference service / complex mealsis from 100,000 UAH to 250,000 UAH and varies depending on the season.

The net income of the business per month is from $ 15,000 to $ 20,000.

Business Cost – $ 490,000 + 5% royalties for the 3 hotels and a dark kitchen.

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