Going to visit Lviv city Together with other investors

About tour

Learning Ukrainian investment market in different areas
(alternative energy, horeca, industry, real estate etc.) with 5-6-year ROI.
The rest, fun and new acquaintances with potential business partners.

3 good reasons
to go for investment group tour

1. New opportunities

According to “Financial Times”, Lviv is one of TOP 10 cities of the future 2019

Ukrainian market and business develops rapidly. In Ukraine numerous economic branches are on the very beginning of their development, and if you missed a chance in your country to become one of the founders of a new economic branch – use it now! You do have this possibility in Ukraine.

A lot of business directions even haven’t been developed yet. For example, green electricity tariff is guaranteed by the state for next 10 years; alternative energy usually is high profitable and provides investor a 5-6-year return of investment.

A lot of companies relocate their back offices, call centers, manufacturers to Ukraine because of cost optimization. Doing business in Ukraine is less expensive.

2. Find new partners

Find a new business partner or a client among other investors during the tour

You may not only find the object for investing, but also find new friends or partners who think like you and act like you.

There is a chance of finding new clients in Ukraine for your production.

You may also find partners at state authorities that will provide you lobby and protection from corruption. Now Ukrainian government is interested in investors and is protecting foreign business.

3. Cultural program and relax

Lviv took the 80th line in the British international ranking of the company Euromonitor “Top 100 City Destinations 2018 report”.

With our guide you will learn more about Ukrainian culture, history of Lviv and Ukraine traditions.

What will you get?

Invesment limitations

The prices of almost all investment objects we are representing, start from USD 1 mln. The aim of your visit is to show you opportunities and get some relax, but investment is a final goal.Thus, please keep in mind, it is not a tourist tour.

Please, be ready to provide your company or personal profile.

Details of the tour

Nobilis – 5* luxury hotel

We provide accommodation in a 5* hotel in the historical center of Lviv, breakfast is included. If you want to travel with your family, we will be glad to book extra beds for them (extra bed charge is not included into our fee).

About hotel

Edem Resort Medical & SPA 5*

Edem Resort Medical & SPA is for those who are tired of the annoyance of stone jungles. The country palace, surrounded by the forest and lake, is located 26 kilometers from Lviv. Edem Resort is the place of power that is kept in mind forever. Where among the many-sidedness of nature you want to talk only about the innermost. To live in harmony with yourself and the world is the motto of our resort. Not only the body has a rest here, the soul is improved as well. Just by stepping over the edge of Edem Resort you immediately feel the space and ease. The acquaintance begins with the architectural and sculptural park, where classical masters and contemporary artists embody their own worldviews in sculptures and installations. There is a special attitude to art here.

More about the complex

Edem Resort Medical & SPA has got a Health Center. It offers anti-age, regeneration and detoxification programs: Detox, Re-energy (3-day program), Anti-stress SPA Weekend (3-day program), Fithealth (3-day program).

For the lovers of outdoor activities Edem Resort offers various sports and entertainment. Edem Golf Club should be paid much attention to – the rest for the body and mind, the game of true winners.

Gala dinner

Local foreign businessmen (or their representatives), government officials, large local businessmen, lawyers and financiers are invited to the gala dinner, where you will be able to find out the real state of business in Ukraine, and perhaps even find business partners in an informal atmosphere. 

And also

  • 24/7 accompaniment of an English-speaking assistant, providing all the necessary hints and assistance.
  • During your leisure, we offer excursions: You will see the world’s first kerosene lamp, the place where Mozart’s son used to live, or you can go for a night tour of Lviv
  • You will try perfect local cuisine that will definitely blow you away
  • We will assist you with booking your flights to Lviv from your city.
  • After your arrival we will take care about everything 
About Lviv Travel

Get the price for an  investment tour

The price includes: staying in 5* luxury hotel in city center with breakfasts, all transfers, visiting luxury medical SPA, networking gala dinner, English-speaking tourist guide.

Get the price for an  group investment tour


“Such type of tours helps not only to find investment objects, but to show the culture of Ukraine to new visitors, show them numerous opportunities. But networking and sharing experience of running business among participants is the best.”

Dr. Taras Bachynskyy, The Head of the Project